Welcome to
Damo’s Coffee

I’m Damien, a professional rugby player who dreamt of finding a passion outside of rugby. And that’s how I fell in love with coffee.

It all started when myself and some other team mates attending a barista lesson at brewlab coffee back in 2016. This lead to Stuart (Teammate and close friend) and myself purchasing coffee machines and we competed with one another to see who had the best latte art. (We were dreadful…)

It wasn’t long before Stuart and myself became obsessed with coffee. We had become full time snobs… We were strictly only getting the very best beans from local coffee roaster ‘Mr Eion’ and we chewed his ear off at every opportunity.

At this point in time I was going through a difficult period in my rugby career due to numerous reasons. Stuart constantly urged me to find a hobby outside of rugby. We always discussed how cool it would be if we had our own coffee beans, and then it clicked. Coffee was going to be my hobby.

This sparked a conversation with ‘Mr Eion’ about potentially working together to create a unique blend of coffee that we could give to our friends, family and team mates. This was the birth of our first bespoke blend, “Ruck & Co”.

From there, Stuart and I, along with the help of our friend Chloe created “Ruck Coffee”, the final brand for our coffee which is lovingly blended by the hero’s at Mr Eion.

With a few years of experience under my belt, I was ready to pursue my dream of working in a mobile coffee unit. An opportunity arose to have a place at the edinburgh rugby stadium and I jumped at it with both hands. This was the birth of Damo’s Coffee.

My goal, and the ethos of Damo’s Coffee, is to share my passion with others, and to allow them to taste truly quality local coffee.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Stuart and Chloe for everything they did throughout our journey with Ruck Coffee. They are true gems of human beings.

“We were looking to create a blend that would shine as an espresso yet be equally at home in filter & immersion brews. We feel this has been achieved with gold top, rich chocolate & bright citrus with a subtile caramel sweetness”

– Eion Henderson